Athina Marketing



Dalpat Singh
(25 years of Experience in Marketing and Sales)
Newton Jangid
(15 years of experience in Educational field)
Jodharaj Kumawat
(10 Years of experience in IT)

Athina marketing is the outcome of painful experiences faced by the founders in the journey to establish themselves. Recalling the early days in their careers they could feel the helpness in variuos ways:

Searching for jobs or to maintain a sustainable finance was the big question. After years of working with a job profile the hardest part which hit all three of them was the monotonous life they were into. Nothing new.

Seeing other colleagues flourish in businesses was an envious thought. Slowly the thought took roots and ultimately all three of them plunged into creating their own businesses with sufficient finance to start it. To sustain it was the bigger reality. all our theories to progress fell flat. Now what to do? Technology was peeping and we were again short of finance to avail the leavrage . By the time everything got set .precious time had elapsed.

Taking away the pain from common mans life resulted in creation of Athina Marketing. A Place where a common man can ease out with family liabilities.. A place where a common man can earn...A Place where he can set a business with free IT infrastructure..A place of Entertainment ...Creating his world with ease that is Athina Marketing.